In The Library at Night (2007)

In The Library at Night (2007), Alberto Manguel waxes about libraries–real, historical and imagined–with a nostalgic gloss. Couched in personal […]

Brenda Chamberlain

Born in Bangor, North Wales, in 1912, Brenda Chamberlain had already decided by the age of six to be a […]

The 3rd KW/AG Biennial

“Regional” is a loaded term, a compliment and insult fused together, and when attached to an artist it could earn […]

Patterns why

In today’s art practices, the dysfunctional can be rebellious, which can be positive, but only when it is embedded in […]

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The politics of cool

ASTRIA SUPARAK is a young curator originally from Los Angeles, who started curating during her undergrad years at The Pratt […]

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